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êtes-vous un switcher ?

Par switchmed Dernière modification 28/05/2015 10:16

To scale-up social and eco innovations, we need to make concrete efforts visible and inspire many others to take them up. This is why we are set to tell the stories of the ‘Switchers’. 

Here, we share stories of entrepreneurs, initiatives and change makers working through social and eco innovations in the Mediterranean. Via these stories, we learn how a switch to sustainable food, housing, tourism and fashion is possible. We hear about process, product and system innovations. We present a variety of cases from process innovations for example more resource efficiency in manufacturing to product innovations such as eco-design applications to system innovations such as collaborative society models. 

Are you a Switcher? Then, reach out to us and join us at the SwitchMed Connect in Barcelona on 29th & 30th October 2015 to share and exhibit your story.


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