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Entrepreneurs Track 7: Branding And Communications for Freen Entrepreneurs

How can new communications help GE to develop a branding and storytelling strategy?

Green  Entrepreneurs  are  faced  with  many  challenges  while  conceiving, managing  and  scaling  up  their  business,  one  of  them  being  how  to develop  a  compelling  brand  value  proposition  that  engages  their  key stakeholders and audiences to make their theory of change a reality.

In  this  practical  session,  the  participants  will  learn  how  to  lay  the foundations  and develop  a  branding  and  storytelling  strategy  for  their ventures   so   that   they   effectively   engage   their   key   audiences   and stakeholders.


What did we aim at?

The  aim  of  this  session  is  to  provide  the  participants  with  knowledge  and practical  tools  to  develop  engaging  branding  and  communications  value propositions  for  their  ventures.  The  main  objective  of  the  session  is  to provide  the  participants  with  an  structured  methodology  to  define  their venture brand assisting them in:

  • Understanding  the  Branding  Development  Process    (Ideating-  Brand thinking- Brand building- Brand making)
  • Defining  the  Brand  essence  (mission-  vision-  values)  and  brand identity (storytelling)
  • Identifying  the  main  audiences  and  key  stakeholders  and  how  to engage with them

Let’s see the new paradigm of communications


The session was opened by Sonia Ruiz who warmly welcomed participants. She is the founder of NOIMA, meaningful communications for a better world.


First, Sonia explained that Communication in recent years has changed a lot, and provided several examples. She works in communication to help organizations answer questions like:

Who are you as a brand?

Which are your essence and vision?

Communications have changed so much. Now, we must express: who we are, our essence and identity, our values, vision and mission, our identity as people. That's why our brand must communicate: giving a message, standing up people, storytelling, etc.



Second, she told us that today there is a new paradigm of communication with a new context, new demands, new players and actors and we must truly work on our communication.

We must keep in mind that we are moving in a new paradigm of marketing and communications based on: conversations, contributions, collaborations, connections, etc.


 “We change organisations and make them resilient using communications? Sonia Ruiz

Finally, Sonia encouraged participants to discover that the power of a brand is in our personality, our essence, our identity and how we interact to transmit and inspire others. It is called the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek (Why - How - What).

Once we finished working in our essence, we must work on our mission-vision and values and after that we must create a narrative / storytelling for our brand. Our brand manifesto will be our theory of change.