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Scale up acces to finance: Towards a green impact investing network in the Mediterranean

How can we attract investment networks?

Partnering with one of the International Investment Networks, the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA), which is a network of 24 European Ethical Banks and Alternative Financiers that has a strategic interest in promoting ethical finance, at SwitchMed we work to identify and attract other investment networks as well as the international and national financial sectors in four pilot countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia and Morocco.

What did we aim at?

 This session has two main goals:

  1. To build upon the first insights gained via the observations in the Egyptian market
  2. To improve the SWOT analysis for the Mediterranean region 



Access to financing and related ecosystems

Main moderator:

Daniel Sorrosal, Policy and Advocacy Manager, FEBEA


  • Hanan El Hadary, Chairman of the Industrial Council for Technology and Innovation, Egyptian Ministry of Industry
  • Ahmed Huzayyin, Chief Operations Officer, Clean Tech

 The session was organised as a draw toast workshop around the central question “access to finance for green entrepreneurs?, with up to 10 groups of up to 10 people sitting around a table. At the sides of the room were walls for groups to draw and cluster ideas and elements of the ecosystem on together. This is why this was a very interactive session.

During the session the main theme to work on for the groups was how to create a self-sustaining green impact investing network. The methodology used took inspiration from a TED Talk in which groups were asked to divide a task into steps in order to make an effective work plan.

For instance, our group came up with the establishment of an online platform in order to put together all actors of the chain, from entrepreneurs to financiers, including incubators, experts, accelerators and government officials. Such a platform would be available for the actors of one country. Other features would include a section for the provision of technical assistance, one for investor-investee matchmaking and one for sharing best practices.





“Having experts from different parts of the Mediterranean working together, exchanging ideas and coming up with innovative solutions has shown the importance of and the opportunities of collaborating and sharing?

Giacomo Pinaffo, SEFEA



Let's continue the discussion

The feedback gathered during this session can be highly valuable and should be taken into account for the improvement of the Global impact investment network platform. One specific issue that needs to be dealt with and which came up during the workshop was the need to make the networking that is being built during the event a self-sustaining and long-term process, something important for the GIIN.

You can join and contribute the discussion on Scale up acces to finance in the session community here. You can also download the presentations here. In that community we encourage you to post your own reflections, experiences and questions. Keep engaging and shaping the content of SwitchMed Connect 2016.