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Meet the Switchers: Sustainable Tourism

Find out 10 successful initiatives of sustainable tourism

Why Sustainable Tourism is important?

Without doubt, tourism is a strategic economic sector in all Mediterranean countries having still much potential for development of sustainable tourism services that can benefit both the environment, communities and the economy.


What did we aim at?

The session was designed so that the Switchers had the opportunity to explain their projects to the audience and their needs/challenges, in only 4 minutes each one using no more than 10 slides.

The second purpose was for the Switchers to receive feedback from the audience as well as questions to clarify certain aspects of each project. Doing so, not only they gained valuable insight from a variety of people, but also were able to deepen aspects that they hadn’t had the time to explore in their short presentation.


Find out 10 successful sustainable tourism projects

The session was facilitated by Mr. Artur Nadcrinicinii (SCP/RAC’s associated expert) and allowed 10 successful initiatives to introduce their sustainable tourism projects.

 The 10 Switchers which exposed their projects were the following:

 1.  Jean-François Fiquet (Terres d’Amanar)

2.  Aymen Louhichi (Tunisia eco-tourism)

3.  Zribi Skander (Dar Zaghouan )

4.  Amine Draoui (Mornag Eco Farm)

5.  Zaher Redwan Green Hand (Casa Verde)

6.  Jordi Tolrà (Aethnic)

7.  Nabil Tarazi (Feynan Ecolodge)

8.  Aurora Requena (Plàncton)

9.  Amina Mauro (The GreenWatcher)

10. Ignasi Uñó (Twentytú)

The presentations allowed the audience to learn about successful cases of Sustainable Tourism, knowing the goals of the projects, their business models, as well as the way in which the initiatives are sustainably and successfully inserted in their social and environmental local contexts. You can also download the presentations here.

“Sustainable tourism is good for the planet, good for the economy and good for society.?
Amine Draoui (Mornag Eco Farm)




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How useful was the session?

Following to the presentation of the 10 Sustainable Tourism initiatives, each Switcher presented his project through a graphical summary on a flipchart and the audience moved freely from a Switcher’s space to another.

The interaction with the audience allowed to the different projects to collect useful feedbacks and inputs from the session attendees.




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 Let's continue the discussion

You can join and contribute the discussion on Sustainable Tourism continuing in the session community here. In that community we encourage you to post your own reflections, experiences and questions. Keep engaging and shaping the content of SwitchMed Connect 2016.