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SCP/RAC is recruiting a Communication agency to produce SwitchMed Programme video

SCP/RAC is hiring a Communication agency consultancy work for creation of SwitchMed Programme video for the SwitchMed Networking Facility. Apply by March 7th 2018!
Published on Feb 07, 2018

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SCP/RAC is looking for a creative journalist/Communication Agency/Multimedia network to immediately join the Networking Facility team of the SwitchMed Programme. The company will play a key role on producing the SwitchMed Programme video which will summarise all the activities done under the overall programme. The company will work closely with the SwitchMed Communication Officer and respond to the needs of all SwitchMed beneficiaries, specifically the green entrepreneurs.


In case of interest, please send your link to your portfolio and an economic offer before 7th March 2018 to

For more information click here.