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Tunisian SMEs explore the opportunities of EU Eco-innovation for better business

Learn how we are linking Tunisian SMEs to EU Eco-innovations to stabilize the Tunisian economy while making SMEs greener.
Published on Dec 05, 2016

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Tunisian SMEs explore the opportunities of EU Eco-innovation for better business

Minister of Industry in Tunisia

As a pillar of the economy, SMEs clearly have a key role to play in continued growth, job creation and the transition to an economy based on an efficient use of resources. Presenting the eco-innovations of the European Union to Tunisian SMEs is a step towards the stabilization of the Tunisian economy and support for competitiveness and the greening of SMEs.

On the 2 December, 74 stakeholders from the Tunisian industry sector had the opportunity to get in touch with the latest EU Eco-innovations during the SwitchMed B2B business networking event in Tunisia. 14 businesses form the EU´s Eco-Innovation and Life programme, introduced their Eco-innovative product and business solutions, market ready and applicable to the Tunisian economy. During the event, 178 business contacts were established between stakeholders from the Tunisian manufacturing sector and European businesses, leading in Eco-innovation.

Tunisia is facing high unemployment, low growth and with a tourism sector hammered by militant attacks, it is dependent on foreign investment and cooperation to stabilize the economy and to create jobs and perspectives, especially for the younger generation. The Tunisian Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Zied Ladhari, underlined the prospects of what the cooperation with the EU and the SwitchMed programme could mean for the Tunisian economy, claiming that “Programmes such as SwitchMed are of particular importance, coming at a time when Tunisia faces several challenges.?

According to the Minister, "The green economy approach brings an answer to the major problems of the country and offers the possibility of designing new environmentally friendly businesses with low consumption of raw materials and low impact on the environment". As one of EUs most important trading partners in the region, Tunisia is moving towards a green economy, a step that is considered as a major opportunity for Tunisia as it offers the possibility to stimulate economic growth to reduce unemployment, especially among young people.

The SwitchMed B2B business networking in Tunisia is a great example of EU cooperation that directly and sustainably benefits businesses in the southern Mediterranean, to make the switch towards a more resource efficient and environmental economy.  Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are particularly responsive to Eco-innovations due to their adaptability and flexibility, and with 9 out of 10 ten jobs created in this particular sector, strengthening the competitiveness and internationalization of SMEs is vital for continued growth and job creation.

Organoclick in meeting during the SwitchMed B2B in TunisiaBut it is also a great opportunity for European companies to expand their markets in a region with high demand of Eco-innovations.  “We are very proud to be a part of the SwitchMed B2B event in Tunisia. To make a necessary contribution towards the climate changes in the world, it is important that all businesses, in all countries contribute. We see it as a significant benefit for us to share our know-how in Eco-innovation and look forward to build mutual relations with innovative new startups from this region for future interesting business opportunities?, says Mårten Hellberg, CEO at OrganoClick AB, one of the participating EU Eco-innovations at the SwitchMed B2B in Tunisia.




Under the lead of UNIDO, two additional SwitchMed B2B business networking events will be held in Morocco and Egypt, connecting EU Eco-innovation to the needs of the Moroccan and Egyptian economies.

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