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The SwitchMed synergy workshop in Israel will take place in December 6, 2017

A synergy workshop will be organised in the context of the SwitchMed Programme on December 6th at the Google campus in Tel Aviv. The workshop will bring together key stakeholders working to promote green entrepreneurship, eco-innovation in civil society initiatives and the transition to more sustainable modes of consumption and production in Israel.
Published on Dec 05, 2017

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The SwitchMed synergy workshop in Israel will take place in December 6, 2017

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This one-day workshop is organised by the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Regional Action Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC), in cooperation with KAYAMA, the Israel Innovation Institute and The HiveByGvahim.

Through a series of working groups, participants will develop a set of recommendations on how to strengthen green entrepreneurs and civil society initiatives. Representatives from EU delegation, Ministry of economy Green entrepreneurs and eco-innovative grassroots initiatives including Cardboard Technologies, ECOncrete, CriaterraEarth Technologies, HomeBioGas, Porter Urban Innovation and Sustainability Lab,  will exchange lessons learnt and experiences during roundtable discussions around 8 main themes: human capital, academy, mentorship, communication, funding, public policy, the role of large companies and awareness building.

Discussions will focus on how to encourage eco-innovation and entrepreneurship, how to create an ecosystem around circular economy, access to finance, public policy and instruments and will lead to the creation of follow-up taskforces.

For more information check out the agenda here and stay tuned in our social media channels.