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Discover the Finance Toolkit

A practical toolkit for Green Entrepreneurs to better access to finance in the MENA Region. Discover, in 4 easy steps, the right funding strategy for your green project.
Published on Sep 21, 2018

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Discover the Finance Toolkit

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What is the right funding strategy for my green business? Which are the available financial doors I can knock onaccording to my business stage?

How do I engage with business angels or how i get my project into an accelerator? How to proceed if I want to start a Crowd funding campaign? And what if I have to prepare an investors pitch?

If you are asking yourself these kind of questions then you are at the right place!

Within the framework of the EU-funded SwitchMed programme, SCP/RAC has developed a practical toolkit for Green Entrepreneurs from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Palestine to define the better funding strategy according the level of development of each company.

Using this innovative tool,Green Entrepreneurs can better determine their level of business development, discover the finance opportunities according their finance needs and determine, in 4 easy steps,the right funding strategy for their green project.

By the end of the 4 steps of the Finance Toolkit, the Green Entrepreneurs will have more instruments and knowledge to approach potential investors and adjust their fund raising strategy.


How does it work?

The Finance Toolkit consists out of 3 self assessment tests.At the end of each section, you’ll get the results together with much more valuable info such as documents, advices, action steps and strategies to download as well as concrete info of investors and financiers to contact with.

Step 1: Discover your business stage

In this step you’ll find a test to determine in which development stage your business is. It’s extremely important to know it because you need to know where you stand to anticipate potential challenges & obstacles, and to adapt your funding strategy in order to increase chances to get funded.

Step 2: Identify your best finance options

Whether it is accelerators, venture philanthropy and social investment, grants and competitions, online competitions, donation, reward, or crowd-funding, at this stage, the main focus is to identify your best finance options depending on your business phase and the main challenges it is likely to face.

Step 3: Discover your country opportunities

In this section you’ll discover the concrete opportunities to get finance in your country according to the level of maturity of your company.

Step 4: Your finance strategy

It is very important to spend enough time and efforts to prepare the appropriate formats to present your green company. This is an almost endless process, during which you will repeatedly fine-tune the materials you have prepared. In this section we’ll provide you with different tools to define your fundraising strategy and to arrive well prepared to meet your investors, always taking into consideration your development stage.

Go ahead, do the TEST & make the difference out there!