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SwitchMed strengthens the capacities of Moroccan eco-entrepreneurs

For the second year in a row, and as part of the promotion of green entrepreneurship in Morocco, the "Centre des Très Petites Entreprises Solidaires", with the support of the SwitchMed Program, organized the Elevator Pitch Day on November 22, 2018 at the premises of the Center. Several representatives of organizations and programs supporting entrepreneurship, financial institutions and government structures were invited to participate in this event and evaluate the 8 best initiatives presented by the selected green entrepreneurs during the year 2018. Granéco has been selected as the best green project in Morocco during the SwitchMed Elevator Pitch Day 2018 event
Published on Dec 10, 2018

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The green entrepreneurship ecosystem in Morocco has seen considerable progress in recent years thanks to the Kingdom's adherence to the objectives of sustainable development. This is mainly manifested by the adoption of several measures to reduce the pressure on the country's natural resources and to minimize the greenhouse gases generated mainly by industrial activity. Among these measures, the promotion of the social and green economy and the encouragement of investments in the green sectors.

A range of programs and support structures have been launched in Morocco and support the eco-entrepreneurs since the definition of their project ideas until the launch of the economic activity.

Despite all these efforts and initiatives, access to financing for green activities remains modest and eco-entrepreneurs are more likely to have difficulty accessing conventional financing, in a regional context where the promotion of green and sustainable economy is still nascent. Indeed, the only existing opportunities that can benefit green startups are competitions, crowdfunding, international cooperation grants etc.

The SwitchMed program operates in the MENA region and works together with the governments of the 8 countries to promote responsible consumption and production culture and to support a more sustainable economy. As the case in other countries in the MENA region, SwitchMed is organizing In Morocco, with its local partner the "Centre des Très Petites Entreprises Solidaires" ( CTPES), "SwitchMed Green Pitch" competitions to bring eco-entrepreneurs closer to technical and financial support structures.

The center CTPES, a very dynamic promoter of the very small entreprises in Morocco, organized, as part of its partnership with SwitchMed, training workshops for green entrepreneurs to improve their communication skills as well as their business models to prepare them to meet potential investors.

This year, the Elevator Pitch Day took place at CTPES premises on November 22, 2018. 8 entrepreneurs presented their green projects to the jury members who represented the main banks in Morocco (such as Attijariwafa Bank), micro-credits, support structures and programs (such as GIZ) and public institutions. After each presentation, the candidates had the opportunity to react and provide answers to the questions and comments of the members of the jury, in order to discuss the feasibility of these initiatives and improve their technical and financial plan.


The deliberation of the jury, which happened the same day privately, went public on November 23, 2018 in the premises of the Links Foundation at Hassan II University of Casablanca, during the annual meeting of the CTPES center under the theme "Entrepreneurial Support: What Model? ". Mohamed Hafid, founder of the green enterprise Granéco Maroc is announced winner of the SwtichMed contest and his Startup has been awarded the price of the best green project 2018 among those who participated in this contest.

Granéco Morocco meets two needs: accumulation of organic waste, and deforestation. By recovering the coffee grounds and turning them into biofuel, the young Mohamed Hafid offers a safe environmental alternative to Moroccans. To encourage him, Mohamed Hafid will receive a € 2,000 technical assistance from SwitchMed.

During this meeting «Entrepreneurial Accompaniment: Which Model? A graduation ceremony for the first graduates of the Specialized Master's Degree in Entrepreneurial Assistance, a first of its kind in the Arab world, was also held. This Master is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the Center CTPES and the Faculty of Juridical and Social Sciences (FSJES Casablanca). In this context, Dr. Hashim Suleiman Hussein, representative of UNIDO Network of Investment Promotion and Technology Offices in Bahrain, also announced the creation of the first entrepreneurship center at Hassan II University in Casablanca (Morocco) in partnership with the the CTPES center and the University.
These recent promising Moroccan initiatives complement older ones, whose ultimate objective is the development of an ecosystem that encourages a better implementation of the green economy. For more information on this topic, we invite you to read the white paper on the promotion of green entrepreneurship in Morocco through
this link.