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SwitchMed invited to the Finance for Nature Global Summit 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland

Last 20-21 of May 2019, the SCP/RAC, implementing partner of the SwitchMed Access to Finance activities, was invited by UNDP to join the “FINANCE FOR NATURE GLOBAL SUMMIT?.
Published on May 30, 2019

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According to the World Economic Forum’s 2019 Global Risks Report, half of the top global risks relate to the environment and climate change, and have a material impact on a company’s operational costs, reputation, risk and profitability. The SDGs, which reflect the aspirations of people around the world, provide a global framework for businesses and financial institutions to address these challenges.

With an estimated US$ 2.4 trillion annual shortfall in the investment required to achieve the 2030 target there is an urgent need for private sector finance. Despite growing interest, a fraction of the worldwide invested assets are currently aligned to the SDGs. The Finance for Nature Global Summit sought to develop and shape innovative financial instruments to mitigate complex risk, particularly from climate change.

The two-day Finance for Nature Global Summit brought together representatives from financial institutions, investment banks, corporations, supply chain intermediaries, and businesses to explore a new investment paradigm - one that accelerates private sector investment for small and medium sized enterprises, with a focus on inclusive, nature-friendly enterprises, and with a particular focus on forests, on resilient, climate-smart and deforestation-free agriculture, and on marine businesses.


The summit offered the chance to a large number of stakeholders to create a dialogue around how to finance the transition to sustainable supply chains, showcase how nature-friendly investments can deliver on purpose and profit objectives, explore demand for innovative financial instruments that drive private capital to nature-friendly solutions and enterprises.


"The missing middle in finance for SDGs is a mix of geography problem, due diligence, SMEs pipeline, Policy alignment and market failure" - Jamison Ervin, Global Programme on Nature for Development, UNDP.

The need for patient capitals and the willing of accepting low return investments has also been stressed.


The SCP/RAC had the chance to showcase theSwitchersFund and the challenges and opportunities for Green Entrepreneurs in Southern Mediterranean Countries stressing the need of engaging with no risk adverse donors and explore new finance opportunities to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in the region.