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SwitchMed celebrates Tunisian Culture and Youth at the EU’s flagship event EU4Youth

On November 17th, the EU Delegation in Tunisia organized a major event in the capital’s hub “City of Culture?, bringing together students, governmental and CSO representatives, and culture aficionados. The EU funded SwitchMed programme did not miss this opportunity to showcase, to the 1000 student present, its efforts in making the circular economy a reality in Tunisia and in the southern Mediterranean region.
Published on Jan 23, 2019

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SwitchMed celebrates Tunisian Culture and Youth at the EU’s flagship event EU4Youth

photo credit: @Enactus ISI

Organised by the European Union under the Patronage of Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for European Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations, the Conference “Rethinking the Euro-Mediterranean cultural partnership? has witnessed the celebration of Tunisian heritage and youth accomplishments spanning the whole day, alternating between dance, project presentation, discussion panels, speeches and testimonials, as well as theatre and music performances. The meeting focused on several areas of EU cooperation in Tunisia such as education, research and innovation, entrepreneurship, culture, art and creativity as well as the media.

The event was marked by the strong energy of the students present, representing various public and private Tunisian universities. In a lightning round of fast-paced presentations, teams from the different universities, all part of the larger Enactus Tunisia community, presented their projects, each unique, but all combining technology, sustainability, and heritage protection.

To fully support these youths in their endeavours, a panel of organization representatives have spoken of their activities and the opportunities they offer in Tunisia. SwitchMed Communication Consultant, Khalil Ellouze, presented the programme’s areas of action, focusing on the Green Entrepreneurs Training Programme and the Support Programme for CSOs: two areas holding the most interest to the students present.


“More than 20 tunisian green entrepreneurs have developed their projects with the support of SwitchMed since the start of the programme. A new wave of entrepreneurs is currently in training, to help them successfully launch their projects? - Khalil Ellouze, Communication Consultant


The projection of the Circular Economy video (see below) for the first time after its reveal at SwitchMed Connect 2018, has further clarified SwitchMed’s activities.


After the programme presentation, youth expressed a lot of interest in SwitchMed and its support mechanism. Many students rushed to the booth to ask more details about the green entrepreneurship training programme, the "investors meet startups" event and the Switchers community.


The potential shown by the Youth exceeded expectations, and shines a bright light on the future ahead. Tunisia must harness this power, and put its sights as high as their ambitions.


Relive, in video, the day of the flagship event: # EU4YOUth: EU - Tunisia Partnership for Youth