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Reiterating Tunisia’s industry on the benefits of eco innovative solutions

UNIDO has succesfully organised a second B2B event to increase Tunisian businesses' competitiveness.
Published on Nov 20, 2017

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UNIDO’s B2B event for eco-innovation took place on November 3rd 2017, at “La foire du Kram? in Tunis, as part of the most important yearly event the Tunisian agriculture fair namely SIAMAP (Salon International de l’Agriculture, du Machinisme Agricole et de la Pêche). Unveiling the potential of EU funded market ready eco-innovative solutions that meet the needs of Tunisian industries, is one of the objectives of the SwitchMed networking events. The eco-innovative solutions presented at these events could contribute to updating the production of Southern Mediterranean industries towards future bringing strategies, enabling them to become more competitive and environmental in their operations.

During the SwitchMed B2B networking session, four European companies presented their eco-innovative technologies to an interested audience of technical industrial centers and representatives from businesses and industries. In total, 37 local businesses together with 43 representatives from strategic national partners in Tunisia took part in the event many of which have already benefited from the SwitchMed MED TEST II component that aims to introduce a more resource efficient and cleaner production among industries off the Southern Mediterranean.

“UNIDO’s MED TEST II program has helped lower costs and optimizes the production process of each of the units. Reports?, said Aida Aimi, from GWash a leading Tunisian textile finishing company.

"Adopting market ready innovative green solutions, could move Tunisia’s industry towards a more sustainable production and lay the foundation for increased competitiveness, export and job creation" according to UNIDO expert Rachid Nafti, 

Increasing resource-efficiency and resource-productivity with circular business solutions, could positively impact businesses and offer new perspectives for economic growth. For instance, CABKA and IGC/TV4NEWOOD showcased during the event innovative and resource-saving recycles plastics and wood treatment solutions that could turn waste into valuable and marketable products, while STACQUE and WEHRLE UMWELT offer latest water treatment technologies and finally that could save considerable amounts of water in the production.

Combining the new technologies presented at the B2B events with the comprehensive methodology of Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology (TEST), which is currently being demonstrated in 26 Tunisian industries, could according to Rachid Nafti Senior TEST Expert, create interesting synergy effects for businesses willing to invest in resource efficiency as it realizes innovative solutions with the identified saving areas from the project and trigger businesses’ growth?.

During the previous 5 SwitchMed B2B events that took place in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco (2) and Tunisia partnerships between EU eco-innovators and businesses in the Southern Mediterranean, matching a value of 3 6 million euros, have been realized saving valuable resources and money for the environment, society and the companies.  

 “Because the Tunisian market is limited, the future of Tunisian economy lies in the establishment of equitable partnerships with businesses in neighboring countries, i.e. Europe? pointed out INOPLAST commercial director Gargouri Adel.

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