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Call to participate in Instagram video competition

SwitchMed is pleased to announce you an Instagram video competition for young Europeans, organized by ResponSEAble, to promote sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean. Post your video by 11 March 2018 and win a unique prize!
Published on Dec 01, 2017

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This video contest is part of ResponSEAble, a 16-partner European-wide research and communications project, aiming at inspiring Europeans to take a closer interest in their oceans and to treat them with greater respect.

Participate in the competition by using your creative, storytelling skills to address some of the following questions and issues:

  • How can we enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and its beautiful coast and wildlife without destroying it?
  • Do you know of examples where tourism has caused problems with over use of resources and harm to the natural environment?
  • Do you know of examples of ‘eco-tourism’, where people can enjoy holidays but without having a negative impact on nature and cultural heritage?
  • How can more sustainable tourism bring jobs and economic benefits to coastal communities while at the same time protecting nature and wildlife?

Send your video on Instagram using the hashtag #myOceanLove


The judging team will review all the films and announce the winners by March 26, 2018. 

For more information, visit the website