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Switcher of the Month

Our Switcher of the month in October 2018 is Foodisms a Barcelona-based initiative that is changing eating habits by bringing food-for-thoughts to the table.
Published on Aug 01, 2016

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Switcher of the Month

Photo credit: Courtesy of Samanta of WTF BCN

We are proud to announce that our Switcher of the Month in October is Mayya Papaya  founder of Foodisms, a project that challenges individuals to think differently about what they are eating, where that food is sourced, and how much of it is wasted. one of the most rewarding parts of Foodisms has been seeing event attendees introduce sustainable food changes into their own lives.

“Our point is to get people involved in the practical part of sustainability, to understand what it means to be a consumer and what actions we should take to become conscious,? Mayya says.

Foodisms has already hosted successful Urban Food Challenges in Barcelona and London, an interactive treasure hunt that tours people around a neighborhood to meet local sustainable food businesses and initiatives. Mayya’s next goal is to turn the challenge into a smartphone app so neighborhood wanderers can follow in Foodisms’ footsteps.

The aim of Foodisms is to make consumer more sustainable by having better food choices, taking into account that we are all part of the food chain .. Check out their website and Facebook page