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SwitchMed and UNIDO connect resource efficiency and EU Eco-Innovations at the 2016 Beirut Energy Forum

Thinking outside the box and being innovative can sometimes be a challenge, especially in a country like Lebanon already stretched in a geo-political tango. Nevertheless, resource efficiency combined with innovation is crucial when facing the challenges of a shrinking resource supply and increased instability. “Doing better with less?, does not only contribute to a better environment but also in stabilizing the inconsistent situation for Lebanese companies.
Published on Oct 25, 2016

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On September 21, 2016, and as part of the International Beirut Energy Forum 2016, UNIDO organized a session on resource efficiency as a tool for greening the industrial sector. The session devoted to the topic on, “Moving Lebanon towards resource efficient, eco-innovative and low carbon industrial production?, aimed at highlighting the importance of resource efficiency including energy efficiency in industry as a tool for greening the industrial sector and at discussing with relevant stakeholders the way to accelerate the transition of Lebanese industries towards sustainable production practices.

Organized in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Industry, the ESCWA, the IFC, the Association of the Lebanese Industrialists and the Industrial Research Institute, the session presented relevant applications of resource efficiency for the participating stakeholders, followed by a discussion among panelists and with the audience on the best ways to mainstream resource efficiency in industry as a tool to sustainable industrial production in Lebanon.

As part of the SwitchMed envisioned goal, to reinforce the greening, innovation and internationalization of SMEs in the region, UNIDO, in cooperation with local stakeholders, organized on September 22 a B2B side event as part of the 2016 Beirut Energy Forum. 18 Lebanese companies took the occasion to meet, discuss and evaluate future cooperation with selected 9 EU Eco-Innovation businesses. The B2B event was finalized in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, the Association of Lebanese Industrialists and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

The selected Eco-Innovations derive from the EU’s Eco-Innovation and LIFE Programme and provide solutions with a full scale and running market business model. As part of a regional activity, taking place in Lebanon, Tunisia Morocco and Egypt, UNIDO seeks in the framework of SwitchMed to promote business partnerships between local businesses and EU Eco-Innovative companies with solutions applicable to the local economic and industrial context.

The outcomes from the first B2B event gave a promising response to the promotional activities of UNIDO and how this event could contribute to increase the potential for international cooperation between the Mediterranean region and the EU.


“A very positive and challenging experience, we had the opportunity to meet both potential clients and investors interested in supporting the development of our business strategies in Lebanese market. Thanks to UNIDOs support we met the most important Lebanese wood trader – an absolute referenced key player for our market - that with some commercial agreement is ongoing.? Mr. Darbe, Representative of WDE Maspell, TV4NEWOOD


The next upcoming B2B event will be held in Tunis, Tunisia on the 1st and 2nd of December 2016. In case you are a Tunisian business interested in meeting EU Eco-Innovations we would look forward in your participation.

“This event facilitates opportunities for exchange and interaction on different points of the production chains of each EU provider. Another good thing was having contacts already selected previously in a "protected" environment, an important thing in a country perceived as unsafe due to its geographical position and geo-political conditions on its borders.? Ms. Guarnaccia, Representative of Pandora Group, Ecoplasbrick