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Welcome to the impact investors corner

by switchmed last modified Feb 08, 2017 03:26 PM

The SwitchMed programme is facing the big challenge of fostering access to finance for very small sized start-ups and green SMEs like the Switchers.

There is indeed a deep interest in the areas of green economy and green entrepreneurship, as these sectors have a relatively high growth potential in the MENA region, particularly in the countries where the Green Impact Investing Network (GIIN) is operating. Despite this, almost no financing instruments are available in the countries and this emphasizes the need for cooperation between financing institutions to boost access to finance for green entrepreneurs. This situation represents a huge challenge for the GIIN and for the activities implemented under its umbrella.

We invite you to click to the different section of the Impact Investors’ corner to learn more about how we are building a green entrepreneurship ecosystem in the MENA region. Discover the activities we do behind the Green Impact Investing Network Actions section, get to know the main activities programmed in order to share knowledge and experiences and read the local studies that we produced.