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Entrepreneurs working in the field of productive, circular and sharing economies

Can you describe CNTPP's work please? 

The National Centre for Cleaner Technologies Production (NCCTP) is a national institution of the Ministry of Water Resources and Environment. Its main mission is to enhance technical capacities of industrial companies and plants (from both public and private sectors) in order to help implementing good environmental practices in their processes, reducing the use of feedstock - raw material supplied to a machine or processing plant- and preventing the generation of waste.   In order to do so, CNTPP organises technical trainings and workshops, conducts environmental studies including environmental audits and risk management, facilitates the implementation of Environmental Management System (SME-14001) in industries and improves  international cooperation in order to introduce the cleaner technologies and Best Available Techniques in industrial processes.


Please introduce yourself 

My name is Amel Zouaoui, I am a Chemical engineer by trained and I work at the NCCTP since 2008. I am currently the Head of the Department dealing with technical assistance towards industries. The Department includes three main actions: 1) National and international cooperation  2) Trainings  ‘of delegates for environment of industrial companies’ and 3)Technical assistance for industries in order to encourage them to implementing their Environmental Management System.

Also I am a trainer of the Delegate for Environment in ‘teaching how to best use the manual of the Delegate for Environment’ elaborated by the NCCTP and the German  cooperation (GIZ).

Regarding the Switch Med Programme, I am the coordinator of the MED TEST II, the Green Entrepreneurship and the policy-maker component in Argelia. Moreover, since 2013, I have been appointed chair of the national working group on the evaluation of environmental Standards (ISO) of the Algerian Institution of Standardization (IANOR).


What advice would you give to an entrepreneur working in the field of productive, circular and sharing economies ?

Keep in touch with other people working in the same field as yours. Read a lot about their experiences and lessons learned before starting your own project. Trust the research community and think about the future and the sustainability of your activity. Think about the future generation, what should you leave as good examples. Teach the future generation your eco-activity and help them to take the lead when you’ll not be here any longer.