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Our Country Hubs are in making...

These pages will provide you with the latest information regarding SCP practices in each of the SWITCH-Med countries. We are working hard to bring these pages into life towards the end of 2014.

Elements of the country hubs will be:

  • Latest macro economic and environmental facts and figures on consumption and production patterns (Ecological Footprint, material flow, market trends, mega trends, etc.) from each country;
  • Headline opportunities and barriers from the perspective of various stakeholders including entrepreneurs, SMEs, civil society, financing institutions, policy-makers that like to take up and encourage sustainable living and producing in that specific country;
  • Promising initiatives lead by business intermediaries, SMEs, big businesses, universities, civil society organisations, financing institutions, policy-makers that can be scaled-up;
  • List of experts working to adapt and encourage SCP in each country;
  • Latest news from each country;
  • Latest events in each country;
  • SWITCH-Med actions in each country.

If you like to contribute to making of country hubs, contact the Networking Facility at