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Investors meet Switchers

At SwitchMed we have identified a great demand from green entrepreneurs to access to financial support. This is why we are working to promote the ideas of the eco-entrepreneurs, stimulate the creation of companies and facilitate meetings with investors. To this end, we have organised 8 public events called “Green Startups Meet Investors – Elevator pitch" in 2017, aiming to enable the investors to understand the projects and meet the teams.

These 8 events are the result of cooperation between SwitchMed and its local partners: AHC consulting in Algeria, Egypreneur in Egypt, TheHive by Gvahim in Israel, Al Makan in Jordan, Diane Foundation in Lebanon, Centre des très petites et moyennes entreprises in Morocco, Picti Incubator in Palestine, and APII in Tunisia.

This activity will contribute to strengthen the objectives of the Green Impact Investment Network (GIIN),enabling countries like Algeria, Israel, Palestine and Jordan (not directly targeted by the GIIN country missions) to benefit also from activities addressing the needed match between entrepreneurs and financial agents.

The events, which last half a day and gather in each country 10/15 Green Entrepreneurs, are made up of an elevator pitch followed by one-to-one interviews, depending on the interest shown by the professionals (investors/companies) invited to take part.

The Elevator Pitches are the result of local specific capacity building sessions where the entrepreneurs will be supported to understand the stages of the investment process, to improve their communication capacities and to prepare their business to be evaluated by the financial players.

In addition, there will be an ad hoc post elevator pitch support in the aftermath of the events. In this sense a personalized feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the project submitted with a monitoring of the contacts made with the investors during the meeting will be offered to the green entrepreneurs with the aim of improving their capacity to meet the appropriate financial players.

In 2018, we will organise 8 other public events called “Green Startups Meet Investors – Elevator pitch" , one per each country. Event dates will be communicated soon. the first one will be held in LebanonStay Tuned! 

First round of competition' dates?

JORDAN:  July, 29th 2017 

EGYPT: August, 3rd 2017

ISRAEL: September, 18th 2017

MOROCCO: October, 12th 2017

ALGERIA: November 20th 2017

LEBANON: November 27th 2017 

PALESTINE: December 11th 2017 

TUNISIA: January 18th 2018

(regarding the coaching sessions for the second round of competition, check out our calendar)

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