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Green Impact Investing Network

To stimulate the green market, to enhance a sustainable economy and to boost a real financial inclusion in the MENA region, access to finance continues to be a top priority challenge to be addressed. What we see is that a significant number of entrepreneurs have limited insight into financing opportunities, lack skills and capacity to make sound applications for starting up or growing their businesses. But also we can confirm that financers are not entirely familiar with the new business models that green enterprises are proposing, despite their growing interest on the topic

Since January 2015, we have been working with two organisations the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA) on the establishment of a Green Impact Investing Network, the so-called GIIN. Our aim is to network financing institutions that are eager to contribute to green and circular economy developments in the MENA region via impact investments.

So, what happens if we turn our attention to those who are responsible for offering the financing? How can we promote the culture of impact investing to increase the number of green companies and to generate sustainable business? What services financers need to improve their investments?

At SwitchMed Connect 2016, we hosted two sessions that aimed at collecting the financers’ experiences, needs and expectation about the importance of implementing the following services under the Green Impact Investing Network (GIIN) during the very next programme period.

  • Sharing of opportunities and experiences – networking with Financial Institutions dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of impact investment and to multiply the possibility of connecting initiatives and business partners.
  • Development of a common understanding of the trends, the challenges and the opportunities in MENA’s growing green economic system. 
  • Awareness-raising and capacity building as key service that can improve financiers’capacity to successfully support new ideas and innovative business.
  • Access to a Green Portfolio - Good pipelines of sustainable investments need to be back up with mature entrepreneurs. A significant Portfolio of Switchers & Green Entrepreneurs investors ready has been offered by the SwitchMed to converge investments in the green sector.