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Become a Switcher!

To scale up social eco-innovations, we need to make concrete efforts visible and inspire many others to take them up. To achieve this goal, SwitchMed launched the “Switchers? initiative and the Action Network.

The switchers

Switchers are individuals, enterprises or civil society organisations that have been able to develop an social eco-innovative solution making an impact for sustainable living within the Mediterranean region, and contributing to the switch to a sustainable and fair consumption and production pattern.

SwitchMed is constantly working on compiling social eco-innovative solutions in the Mediterranean to be replied and scaled-up. We are investigating areas such as organic farming, sustainable tourism, waste management, organic textile, recycling of electronic waste, sustainable building, organic cosmetics production, among others.

 The switchers website offers the visitors to get inspired by other civil society initiatives and green entrepreneurs as well as a richer showcase for the switchers that will contribute to their visibility.

Examples can be read below:

Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil: is a non-profit  community-based tourism initiative that invites you to follow the footsteps of Abraham – a key figure to three of the world’s major religions – and trace the on-foot journey he made some 4,000 years ago.

Nawaya: develops participatory programmes in the Egyptian rural community with the aim of introducing sustainable agricultural practices

Al Ayoun Society:  Al Ayoun Society is a tourism cooperative promoting slow tourism in Jordan. Al Ayoun Society has implemented homestays to encourage tourists to explore the north of Jordan, visit their communities and experience the culture and traditions. 

Discover below the video of the Switcher AGIR , the Association of Integrated Resource Management is an organization that contributes to the conservation of Ecosystems with the active participation of nearly 700 fishermen around the Al Hoceima National Park. The local fishery has thus become socially and environmentally sustainable. 


Are you a switcher? Share with us your story, it would be an example to inspire others and encourage similar ideas. Learn more

The Action Network

The Action Network aims at gathering everyone interested in scaling-up Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in the Mediterranean region and, more specifically, in any of the SwichMed target countries.

As a member, you will be able to:

  • Know who is who: The Action Network gathers all actors involved in SwitchMed activities or let you know people interested in scaling up SCP in the Mediterranean/your country. The Action Network includes: Policy-makers, leading startup and green entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, industry service providers, impact investors as well as retailer and producer companies.
  • Get in one place by storing and exchanging information and knowledge. Organized under documents, links and Media, you will be able to share your activities directly related to the SwitchMed Programme or any SCP themes.
  • Don’t miss any event: Be up-to-date and share events related to Sustainable consumption and production (SCP) happening in the Mediterranean/your country.


Start establishing strategic relationships with Key Players involved in scaling up SCP in the Mediterranean region, we invite all Civil Society Organisations like you to join the Action Network! Become a member and see all the advantages that you will benefit from.