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About us

by switchmed last modified May 24, 2018 09:28 PM

What is SwitchMed?

SwitchMed is an initiative that supports and connects stakeholders to scale-up social and eco innovations in the Mediterranean.


What is SwitchMed´s mission?

We provide all Mediterranean stakeholders, like you, with tools and connections to supporting partners for your social and eco innovations, to achieve productive, circular and sharing economies in the Mediterranean

What is SwitchMed´s vision?

Moving towards a prosperous Mediterranean.

Why the Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean is a region that shares a common culture of innovation and progress based on care for the environment and the efficient use of resources.

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What are the transformation tools for the stakeholders?

1. The SwitchMed Action Network: a community of stakeholders linking similar initiatives and networks, exchanging information, and scaling social and eco innovations

2. Training green business entrepreneurs and start-ups, empowering grassroots innovations, and providing capacity building for sustainable industry providers.

3. Engaging with policymakers to establish a regulatory and policy framework to drive the sustainable products and services market

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What is ¨the Switchers¨?

A space that features the stories of different entrepreneurs and change makers working in social and eco innovations in the Mediterranean

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What is SwitchMed Connect?

SwitchMed Connect is an annual gathering of stakeholders seeking to build synergies, exchange knowledge and scale up social and eco innovations

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Who are we?

We are four regional partners responsible for implementing the SwitchMed Programme.

The initiative is implemented by UNIDO, UN Environment-MAP/SCP-RAC, and the UN Environment Economy Division, in close coordination with DG NEAR on behalf of the European Union

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