National Green Export Reviews

UNCTAD’s technical assistance activities to advance a green economy

 Through National Green Export Reviews (NGERs) UNCTAD responds to growing demand in developing countries and countries with transition economies for assessments of national potential to advance the development of green sectors in order to generate new employment and export opportunities while promoting sustainable development. Within these technical assistance projects, UNCTAD works in a close partnership with interested countries through an interactive national stakeholder process to first identify their most internationally competitive green sectors, and then to design and implement policies and to establish regulatory and institutional frameworks, as well as cooperative G2B and B2B actions, to strengthen the capacity, efficiency and further enhance the competitiveness of these sectors.

As of December 2018, UNCTAD has engaged in NGERs with ten countries including Angola, Ecuador, Vanuatu, Morocco, Ethiopia, Oman, Madagascar, Lebanon, Moldova and Senegal.

To date, financial support for NGERs has been provided by UNCTAD and the United Nations Development Account under project 1415L. Senegal’s NGER is mainly funded through a grant from the Islamic Development Bank, which also provides substantive support to the project. Angola's NGER was funded by the European Commission.

For more information on NGERs please consult the following:

NGER-Brief-12-2015.pdfNGER Brief  


 Meetings and Events

Start DateTitleLocationCountry
25-29 Nov 2019NGER training workshop on coffee and tropical fruits in Uíge province, AngolaUíge, Uíge ProvinceAngola
04 Jul 2019WTO A4T Side Event: Moving beyond SPS and TBT - Challenges of the Green MarketGenevaSwitzerland
17-21 Jun 2019NGER training workshop on honey and timber in Moxico province, AngolaLuena, Moxico provinceAngola
23 Jan 2019Moldova stakeholders establish an ad-hoc committee to follow-up on NGER action planChisinauRepublic of Moldova
12-13 Dec 2018Second Atelier de l’Examen National de l’Export Vert du SénégalDakarSenegal
05-08 Nov 2018UNCTAD shares experiences from National Green Export Reviews (NGERs) at 4th African Organic Agriculture Conference (4th AOC)SalySenegal
08 Oct 2018Green Export Forum: Promoting sustainable production and export in developing countries and economies in transitionGenevaSwitzerland
13 Sep 2018National Action Plan Implementation Workshop on Ecotourism in LebanonBeirutLebanon
12 Sep 2018National Stakeholder Workshop on Natural Soaps in LebanonBeirutLebanon
13 Jul 2018Better Trade 4 the SDGsNew YorkUnited States of America
11-22 Jun 20181st Training of the National Green Export Review of Angola under the EU-UNCTAD joint Programme of Support for Angola: Train for Trade IILuandaAngola
17 Apr 2018Second National Stakeholder Workshop, Moldova National Green Export ReviewChisinauRepublic of Moldova
19-21 Mar 2018UNCTAD-SQU Workshop for Date Palm Farmers, Processors and ExportersMuscatOman
06-07 Mar 2018National Stakeholder Workshop on Ecotourism in LebanonBeirutLebanon
22-23 Feb 2018Les acteurs des filières niébé (lojy), haricot blanc et café dressent la feuille de route pour la mise en œuvre de ses conclusions de l’ENEV de MadagascarAntananarivoMadagascar
28 Oct 20171er Salon de l'économie vert de DakarDakarSenegal
24-25 Oct 2017Examen national de l'export vert (ENEV) du Sénégal: Atelier de lancementDakarSenegal
07 Sep 2017First National Stakeholder Workshop. Republic of Moldova – National Green Export ReviewChisinauRepublic of Moldova
17-20 Jul 2017Second Atelier National: Examen National de l'Export Vert de MadagascarAntsirabe et AntananarivoMadagascar
09-10 May 20172nd National Stakeholder Workshop Oman: Linking green products to tourism in OmanMussanahOman
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 Fact Sheets




06 May 2020Angola eyes former coffee glory for more sustainable growth
Goal 15
24 July 2019Small producers need help to enter lucrative "green" markets
24 May 2019Ground-breaking project helps countries green their trade
flag of Moldova
12 October 2018Liza Mamaliga turns Moldovan honey into pots of gold
29 June 2018Coffee, honey, timber: Angola eyes cleaner, greener economic growth
Flag of Angola
14 June 2018Angola project begins work on 'greening' country's trade
13 April 2018Top Angolan officials join African Carbon Forum 2018
27 October 2017Senegal set to boost "green" exports of cashews and mangoes
21 March 2017Vanuatu assesses its green export potential
Islamic Development Bank
15 November 2016Islamic Development Bank to support National Green Export Review project in Senegal
04 May 2016Morocco's rosemary, thyme and olive producers propose national actions to improve production efficiency, output and product quality
24 February 2016Ecuadorian officials trained on green industrial policy measures
Flag of Ecuador
10 February 2016Greening Ecuador's exports of cacao-chocolate and fishery products: no easy task
Flag of Ecuador
14 December 2015Helping Ecuador boost exports and create jobs while protecting biodiversity
Flag of Morocco
06 November 2015Morocco seeks to enhance production and boost exports in key green sectors
02 March 2015A National Action Plan for Green Exports in the cocoa-chocolate sector validated by Ecuadorian stakeholders
27 February 2015Ecuador’s fisheries sector validates a National Action Plan for Green Exports
10 June 2014Ecuador becomes first country to undergo innovative UNCTAD programme to assess ‘green export’ potential

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